Nicaragua: Blue Stripes

This past week, one of my best friends and I decided to book last minute tickets to Nicaragua for the long Memorial Day weekend. It was so spontaneous, and a huge adventure. We ended up meeting two other San Francisco girls at a hostel we stayed at on our first night, and they ended up joining us for the rest of our trip. The four of us had a fabulous time- between horseback riding on the beach, surfing, exploring pastel-colored old town Granada, and playing with lots of stray animals (ha!) Below are a few highlights from our vacation. This post’s feature is simple- a white and blue striped strapless dress that I wore for dinner one night at the ranch we stayed at (the fact that it matches the Nicaraguan flag is a coincidence!) I don’t like to wear shoes on warm vacations, so there are no shoes in this post. Just the dress, my gold-plated delicate lotus necklace, and hair that could not be tamed.

I am back home in New York for the first time after three weeks of travel, although I am missing our trip a lot!


Nica 1

Nica 2

Nica 3

Nica 4

NIca 5

Nica 6

Nica 7

NIca 8

Nica 9

Nica 10

Nica 11

Nica 12

Nica 13
Blue and white striped dress- Rosie Pope, sold out (similar beach vibes here!)
Gold plated necklace- my own (similar here)

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