Tied with a Bow

The holidays may be over, but I still have bows on my mind. Bows, ranging from big flouncy neck ties to thinner more delicate string ties are everywhere now. I like this feminine trend, because there are so many fun variations. I have a few V-neck bow blouses with looser ties that are more menswear-inspired, and I also love the high-neck bow ties. They feel so Victorian and girly! Below are a few of my favorite variations. I am a sucker for classic black and white, but the colored blouses are fun, too. Personally, the bigger and more voluminous the bow the better! I like to tuck mine into a pencil skirt, but some work well worn over jeans, too.

Which bow blouse is your favorite?


Bow 1



bow 2



bow 3



bow 4



bow 5


Maison Jules Long-Sleeve Bow-Detail Blouse
Vince Camuto Long-Sleeve Neck Blouse
Parker Red Tie Front Blouse
Cooperative Ruffled Tie-Neck Sleeveless Blouse
Forever 21 Flounced Self-Tie Blouse

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