Blizzard Bunny

Many East Coasters had a pretty exciting weekend. We were all pummeled with Blizzard Jonas! I used the storm as an opportunity to stay in my apartment ALL day and relax. I lit a candle, made a giant bowl of macaroni and cheese (I never cook, if that even counts as cooking!), and watched the entire season of Aziz Ansari’s “Master of None”. I only had one chocolate emergency, but my roommate Sam saved me. In the morning, I woke up to sunshine, and several feet of snow. It was time to venture outside and see what was happening in New York! I bundled up in my favorite parka, warm snow boots, and edgy sunnies. I get complements on this coat all of the time- it’s a really pretty olive green / brown with a fox fur hood. It’s always a challenge to look cute in really cold weather. The key to finding a flattering heavy duty winter coat is to find something that is incredibly warm (I love down) but also slightly fitted. Ear muffs can also be surprisingly elegant and functional. Washington Square Park was full of children building snowmen and throwing snowballs. There were very few cars on the road, and it was kind of a magical weekend.

I love New York!


Blizzard 1

Blizzard 2

Blizzard 3

Blizzard 4

Blizzard 5

Blizzard 6

Blizzard 7

Blizzard 8

Blizzard 9

Blizzard 10


Michael Kors Coat (similar here)
Tory Burch Puffer Boots
Sunnies- my own from street vendor (similar here)
Ear Muffs (similar here)

Tied with a Bow

The holidays may be over, but I still have bows on my mind. Bows, ranging from big flouncy neck ties to thinner more delicate string ties are everywhere now. I like this feminine trend, because there are so many fun variations. I have a few V-neck bow blouses with looser ties that are more menswear-inspired, and I also love the high-neck bow ties. They feel so Victorian and girly! Below are a few of my favorite variations. I am a sucker for classic black and white, but the colored blouses are fun, too. Personally, the bigger and more voluminous the bow the better! I like to tuck mine into a pencil skirt, but some work well worn over jeans, too.

Which bow blouse is your favorite?


Bow 1



bow 2



bow 3



bow 4



bow 5


Maison Jules Long-Sleeve Bow-Detail Blouse
Vince Camuto Long-Sleeve Neck Blouse
Parker Red Tie Front Blouse
Cooperative Ruffled Tie-Neck Sleeveless Blouse
Forever 21 Flounced Self-Tie Blouse

Bubblegum Marshmallow Coat

Otherwise known as a “teddy bear coat”, I prefer the name “bubblegum marshmallow coat”. It reminds me of a few of my favorite things! I picked up this coat for my birthday this November, and I have been wearing it for most of this winter (due to our odd warm spurts). I love how big and puffy this coat is. To me, it is outrageously fun and very downtown New York. I have been pleasantly surprised at the hilarious complements I have gotten on it- from women shopkeepers to men on the street. To be honest though, I am not sure how many people actually like the coat, or if it is so wild that they just feel the need to comment on it. Regardless, I love this coat and I love the gold studded edgy booties I paired with it!

Marshmallow 2

Marshmallow 4

Marshmallow 1

Marshmallow 5

Marshmallow 6

Marshmallow 3

Sunnies- Ray Ban Clubmaster
Bubblegum Marshmallow Coat- Guess
Gold studded buckle booties, no longer available (similar here)