ZARA Sale Purchases

The only good thing about the 4th of July being over (arguably my favorite holiday, after Thanksgiving!) is that a lot of stores have amazing sales. I have never been a huge ZARA shopper, but there is one right near my gym so….

This weekend I popped in and it was a zoo. Some amazing, trendy pieces at very reasonable prices. I am about to head out on vacation to Panama, so I picked up a few beach cover ups. I also picked up a few dresses, because I need more of those (said no one ever).

If you need anything and have the time, enjoy the sale!


zara 1


zara 4


zara 2 zara 3

Zara embroidered long kaftan
Zara tie-dye tunic with embroidered bib front
Zara layered dress
Zara double layer dress

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