My favorite childhood fruit is making a comeback this spring. Pineapples are in!

Pineapples are tropical and delicious, and they also happen to be the fruit of choice this season in the fashion industry. Everywhere from Tory Burch to Forever21 is eating up this print! I love the subtle delicateness of the lace Anthropologie blouse below.

When I lived in Thailand, I spent several weeks living and caring for elephants in an elephant sanctuary. I will never forget planting pineapples and seeing how the plant grows, in addition to watching the elephants gobble up the pineapples in one bite while spitting out the bristly top, untouched! Pineapples will forever hold a special place in my heart.

All of the featured images below are so whimsical and fun. I will definitely be picking up a pineapple piece this spring!


Pineapple 1


Pineapple 5


Pineapple 4


Pineapple 2


Pineapple 3



Pineapple 6


Pina Lace Top- Anthropologie
Gold Plated Pineapple Necklace- Etsy
Pineapple Print Shorts- Jessica Simpson via Polyvore
Pineapple Print Sweatshirt- Nordstrom
Pineapple Bandeau Bikini Top- Forever21
Pineapple Leather Slide Sandal- Tory Burch

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