Goodbye, Kate Spade Saturday

SoHo is going to have some retail space for lease, that’s for sure! It’s hard to believe that C. Wonder, Piperlime, and now Kate Spade Saturday have all announced closings in January. From what I have read and heard, these retailers were struggling and the holiday sales were their last hope for survival. It’s like the plague has hit Spring Street within a 5 block radius!

Before it closes its doors, below are my top 5 picks from Kate Spade Saturday. I am especially loving the “Kickaround Pants”. I feel like I would wear those way too often, and at inappropriate times.

At least we still have Kate Spade.


Kate Spade Saturday






Kickaround Pants
Grey Multi New Balance Sneakers
XXXXXXO Necklace
The Large A Satchel
Cinch Raincoat

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